About Us

In November 2019, I created this site, in aim to study with am organized drive. When the grading histogram feature came out, I knew I must expand my site for everyone.
Since that day, with help from friends, I spent hours, even at midnight to add any possible metirials, grades. With the passing of the time, I built the kdams calculator, whatsapp groups page, comments page and added usage of sessions, to ensure secure access only for real students. This in addition to 10+ huge automations that auto-manage the site.

The developer team includes experts from the fields of security, graphic design, web development

Five years later, with a lot of studental sharing, I am proud to say that this site is being used by all of the students in CS faculty and managed by an anonymous admin

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Thank You

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Our Team

mrknowall - web dev

bulliviar15 - graphic design, web dev

garfield76 - security, web dev

sepcfial thanks for lifter27, guliver29 and liker30 for helping and consulting